Caulfield North

Simple and serene, this elegant landscape is open, fresh and functional, but restrained design and unyielding craftsmanship offer an intimacy and warmth that create a sense of isolation and privacy. Ideal for a young family and undeniably striking, this garden is the result of entirely trusting the integrity of the designer.


Salame Residence

Located on a steep, remote site near Beirut, this garden space has been transformed into a peaceful sanctuary, offering a retreat from the chaos of city life. Capturing the beauty of the mountain ranges and providing ample space for contemplation, the space also provides room for outdoor entertainment or simply the intimate interactions of friends and family.


San Francisco Residence

Located in the Pacific Heights district of San Francisco, this urban residential garden takes full advantage of a small space with three discretely landscaped sections, each enclosed and rigorously defined by both architectural and planted edges. While the space can be appreciated from the upper levels of the house, it is best experienced from within as an intimate and connected series of restful courtyards around the home.


EDR Building Designs - The Lakehouse

Built on a challenging block, this gorgeous home by EDR Building Designs makes the most of every square metre of its footprint, achieves a GreenSmart accreditation and boasts a unique, contemporary style. The variety of building fabrics creates a striking façade, with this theme continued through to the fresh and inviting interior. This showcases the attractive alternatives available to conventional materiality and what a difference good design can make to the comfort and aesthetics of a house.


Dion Seminara Architecture - Hawthorn

This gorgeous home had a unique and delightful character that the owner, architect and builder Dion Seminara hoped to retain in a modern renovation, one that would pair the classic style elements with contemporary principles and materials in an altogether timeless design.


Debra Cronin Design - Woollahra House

The owners of this gorgeous space were hoping to transform a derelict historical building (with modern sub-divisions) into a united, visually diverse environment in which to work, rest and play.


Staffan Tollgard Design Group - Kingston Mansion

Set on an enviable plot in south-west London that boasts proximity to the city alongside the local context of a country property, this luxurious, highly customized family mansion houses a family of five.


Graham Jones Design - Brighton Renovation

Conceived by Graham Jones Design, with interiors by Bianca Jones ID and construction by Good Constructions, this gorgeous renovation revives and enhances an existing single-storey residence.


Latitude Architects - The Strand

Latitude Architects designed these townhouses to have a dramatic visual presence, both up close and at a distance.


Lubelso by Canny - Spring Road

Designed by Lubelso, this contemporary four-bedroom family home is refined and bold. Slender and elegant from the front, minimal blades across the first floor create an immediate street presence and a heightened sense of arrival. Inside, the handsome space boasts a series of expansive independent living zones, ideal for the flow of family life.


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Around the World

  • Abode's Away Noosa
    Abode's Away Noosa

    The ultimate in waterfront accommodation, Fairshore Noosa bring class, sophistication and a laid-back atmosphere to create the perfect holiday for couples, friends and families.

  • Abode's Away Daylesford
    Abode's Away Daylesford

    If you’re looking for a place to refresh, rejuvenate and find some inspiration, ‘Lakeleigh’ in Victoria’s picturesque Daylesford, is just a stone’s throw from Melbourne and offers both mid-week and weekend packages.

  • The Cloud House
    The Cloud House

    This design by McBride Charles Ryan is going to be featured in an upcoming publication, but the design is so much fun, I thought I'd offer you a sneak peak as a mid-winter pick me up, after all, every cloud has a silver lining! Understated and simple from the street, the modest renovations to the façade of this inner-Melbourne Edwardian house belie a strikingly modern interior and a playful, awe-inspiring addition at the rear of the property.


Something Unique

  • Jackson Clements Burrows Architects - Urban Chameleon
    Jackson Clements Burrows Architects - Urban Chameleon

    They say you can’t judge a book by its cover.

    Architects Jackson Clements Burrows (JCBA) have done just that however, with their widely acclaimed residential development in Tyson Street, Richmond.“We were prepared to go out on a limb and the boundaries were pushed. This house arose from a unique situation and in that sense it’s a one-off,” Jon Clements (a director of JCBA) said. The brief was simple.

  • Rachcoff Vella Architects - Contemporary Masterpiece
    Rachcoff Vella Architects - Contemporary Masterpiece

    This project and site presented some great opportunities as well as constraints. The width of the block was generous considering its inner-city context but that was balanced by a lack of depth and a tall concrete wall on its rear boundary.


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